Frequently Asked Questions

Artist FAQ’s

Why should I sign with Amurco?

Non-exclusive agreement + 50/50 split of revenue

You remain in full control of your music

The opportunity to have your music heard on a global scale throughout various avenues

We are a business founded by musicians & our music creators are of the highest importance

What will I receive?

You will receive 50% of all revenue generated from placements of your content.

How can I submit music?

Submit your music here!

What genres do you look for?

We are open to receiving all genres of music and try to make sure our catalogue is as diverse as possible

Is your agreement exclusive or non-exclusive?

Our agreement is non-exclusive and all copyright remains with you at all times. There are also no costs involved to be included in our catalogue

Music User FAQ’s

Is Amurco music pre-cleared?

Yes, all music in the Amurco catalogue is pre-cleared for usage, and we have individual agreements with all of the rightsholders

How can I sample your music?

We would be happy to send you a sample playlist based on your requirements (genre, demographic) allowing us to demonstrate the quality of music within our catalogue. To request a sample playlist, please e-mail your requirements to:

What are the costs of Amurco music?

Our costs are fluid and differ on a case by case basis, so click here to get in touch and request a quote tailored to your needs

How quick is your turnaround?

Our team of music professionals are well equipped and experienced to find the right sound and get content over to you, quickly and efficiently

Our intuitive music search platform

All the best music, waiting to be uncovered